Impeachment... a victory?

45 was impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. His charges: abuse of power for trying to withhold taxpayer money from Ukraine and get them to investigate Joe Biden and obstruction of congress. So now what? The trial in the Senate is coming up, but will he lose his spot as the president? The bar for acquittal in the senate is pretty low.

It only takes 34 senators to acquit, and there are currently 54 Republicans in the Senate. In addition, the laws for impeachment are a bit shady. The rules for impeachment were originally written for the trial of Andrew Johnson. Any of the rules can be changed at any time with a quick senators vote. "Unless otherwise ordered by the senate," appears 8 times in the rules.

So, we can all gather that 45's impeachment likely does not mean he will leave his office. Likely, he will finish out his term. But will the impeachment impact future elections? And what other impacts will it have? Nobody can stay for sure, but we can speculate. Personally, I hope the impeachment really makes people think about the corruption within the Republican Party.



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